EZ-Bow Design Pro

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The NEW EZ-Bowz Design Pro

Presenting the E-Z Bowz Design Pro from Lea Cavender, creator of the original line of E-Z Bowz products. 


  1. Removable dowels for EZ stow & go to retreats.
  2. Center dowel is made of sturdy molded plastic & snugly fits in the bottom slot (no more lost or loose dowels).
  3. Reversible for left and right-handed users.
  4. Board is 4 inches wide & 27 inches long, made of quality hardwood.
  5. Extra-large numbers are E-Z to see on extra-wide base (even without glasses!)
  6. Make bigger bows! The numbers extend to 10 inches on right & to 16 inches on left for extra big loops & for measuring tails or streamers.
  7. Spool holder holds 50 yard spools & you can stack up multiple spools of ribbon.
  8. Innovative at-a-glance instructions and bow recipes for over 20 bows and variations.
  9. Videos can be accessed by scanning the QR code for each bow or visiting our website.
  10. Valuable list of tips and techniques to improve you bow making skills.
  11. E-Z inspiration gallery features bow variations, color combinations and design ideas.


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