Lori Jacobs Success Path and Wreath Therapy design group Combination

Design with Hard Working Mom- Wreath Therapy Design Group Combined with Lori Jacobs Success Path

$29.98 / month

Want to learn to make your own home décor and save money? You can learn from the comfort of your home.
Have you always loved decorate your house and door?
How many times have you wanted a fabulous wreath but could not find the color or look you want, or it was just too expensive?
You can learn to make your own fabulous wreath to keep or to sell.
Get that designer look without the designer price. Wow your family and neighbors with the creations you will learn to make for your home.
I have been making wreaths for over 20 years. I found that making wreaths was so therapeutic and a true gift from God. I love sharing my talent with others and teaching you how to use wreath making as a much-needed therapy,
You will have so much fun learning different techniques and tricks to wreath making. It’s so much fun making beautiful creations for your home, family, friends, and the world. You will love making designer creations and making friends with others in our wonderful community

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