The COMB| Material Measuring Tool| Hard Working Mom Tool

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COMB- Cut Out Material Board

Board is cut from Baltic Birch and has rounded edges. The tool is 1/2 thick and 4.5in wide. The slots are 3in deep to allow up to 4in ribbon to be used.  Wrapping the ribbon|material around the length of the board using the measurement on the side to select the correct length you need. This is a huge time saver with cutting your ribbon or other material. Length is etched out of the wood surface. This tool gives you 5 available tail sizes- 10,11,12,13 and 14. This one tool can replace the many tools that are required now. 

This is an unfinished wood tool. 
It is a time and space saver. 

4 slots
14" on the end
These are blank wood tools to help with measuring ribbon tails and mesh

**higher quantities will require longer processing times.